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A unique way to be you

We are offering you an exclusive service that combines traditional tailoring and modernity, providing the customer the opportunity to have tailor-made wardrobe. Because you are special, we want you to feel unique wearing our La Cerf Made to Measure creation.

LACERF, a brand made for wild people,

ready to live each day as a crazy adventure with a unique wardrobe

which reflect who you are or who you want to be.

All garments are made with love, by expert tailors and require hundreds of different steps. You will find all this attention to the smallest detail in each pieces that we make just for you.

Because we know our customers requirements, we are giving them all the power thanks to our Made to Measure service. Dream about a shape, a fabric and let us realize THE perfect piece for you.

A unique finish with personalize details with a wide range of different versions and combinations. We are giving you the power by allowing you to create a garment that best suits your own personality for each moment of your life. A unique and affordable piece, for every occasion.

LACERF is giving you the opportunity to choose YOUR own style and fabrics. For a perfect result, you can have your measurements taken with the assistance of our designer specialist.

Let’s start this new adventure together, let us guide you…

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  1. Send us a message with your idea and your desire 

  2. We will come back to you ASAP & Organise a Virtual Meeting 

  3. We work together on the design, choose the material (Fabrics-Leather-Suede)

  4. We take your measurement 

  5. We send you your product 

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