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HAND MADE – Fashion store made for artistic people, no intermediaries, straight from our imagination to the customer.

THE LIBRARY – Impeccable couture, quality fabrics and style, brought from all over the world. The brand breaks the trend, to offer a timeless wardrobe and a library of exclusive materials through all our collection.
CUSTOMIZE YOUR ORDER – We let your creativity take over. Our greatest preoccupations, offering an unparalleled hand made quality and service close to our customer. We listen to your desire and offer you the possibility to order any design made on your measurements and the color of your choice.

VINTAGE SERVICE – The soul of this brand, in essence, is the passion of creation. Therefore we produce a limited series, which makes each piece unique and gives each client his individuality.

CREATED TO CREATE – Because LACERF is a poetic brand born between the sea and the sand, travelling around the world and following waves – We give importance to functionality & elegance – Our obsession – A reflection of our times.

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LaCerf is a love story. The story of a Designer, following the tracks of her grandmother. Following the wind and the waves, fascinated by surf, art and freedom, she begins her world tour to live the real life, the one far from the society, to refocus on herself and on her history. She isolated herself and begins to write about the women of her life. She then realizes that none of them was different and their power connected them all, their independences, their creativities and their strength of character. At the same moment the young Designer realize the value of her heritage that her grand mother left behind her. She was fascinated by the concept of creation. She was holding in her hands a collection of an inestimable value, it rarities, it stories and origins. The vintage collection of fabrics of her grand mother was a piece of art, and had echoed in her hurt and gived her the conviction to recreates their stories. Her heritage is magic and of this magic she created her future and the tribute to the only women of her life. To her grand mother and mother – this Brand is the brand of every woman as a divine instrument.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]THE TRIBE

 LaCerf is also a story of meeting people at the right time and the right place, like if everything were already write somewhere, somehow. Many of you joined me on my adventure and your belief in me encouraged me to develop my lovely brand. I am filled and inspired by those I love, by those I meet, by those feelings I feel, and by all the marks that leave their imprint on me. It’s You around this corner – You that I met in this street – You at this restaurant – You in Australia – You in my hometown – You at this Catwalk – You in Nicaragua – Costa-Rica – Indo – Europe – Morocco or US. It’s about You.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]THE DESIGNER

WHO’S LACERF – A combination of two culture & two childhood in Morocco and south France, A family story and ambitions, her past, her brother, mother & her listening to “Follow your heart” Scorpions moving for France for a different life, her mother smile and her beauty, years of gypsy travel with her surfboard and her design, long nights with friends cheese & wine, dreaming and wondering of what the future held for her, meeting on the road, dance conservatory and art school, degree in communication, her life force, vegetarian food, Her optimism, her crush on philosophy or “philosophy teacher”, her trust on parallel life and destiny.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]



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